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How To Turn Off Youtube Autoplay?

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Table Of Contents 1 Turn off Autoplay on MobileStep 1Step 22 Turn off Autoplay on Computer/DesktopStep 1Step 23 Setting on browser only for chrome and operaFor OperaStep 1Step 2For ChromeStep 1Step 2 You might be aware of the fact that using autoplay option on YouTube helps users to make selections for videos that must appear in sequence. Depending upon your viewing history you can assure that which video must appear after one ends on your player. Generally this autoplay option starts a countdown for few seconds on your device and next keep on playing next video from the list but it is not always desired as sometimes we simply forget to stop the videos and if they keep on playing automatically then it will affect device battery as well as data packs. If you are searching for tricks to stop this autoplay option on your device then following details will definitely help you:
Turn off Autoplay on Mobile:


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Table Of Contents 1 Download Youtube Videos With Youtube Premium.2 Download Youtube Videos At Website Youtubeconverter.to (Support All Device)2.1 Go to Youtubeconverter.to2.2 Copy and paste the video URL or write name of the video in the box above)2.3 Choose the quality and format of the videos Youtube
Download Youtube videos is against Youtube’s terms of service. Downloading YouTube videos also opens you up to potential copyright infringement unless you have permission from the copyright holder, you own the video yourself or it’s in the public domain. YouTube does offer some ways to download videos through its web service and its own apps. DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS WITH YOUTUBE PREMIUM.YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) offers for you download videos to watch offline. You can do this using the YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube gaming apps if you have account Youtube Premium. but use Youtube Premium you can only watch the downloaded videos using the app Youtube – you can’t  watch it w…

How to convert share youtube playlist to social

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Do you want to expand your business? Sharing YouTube playlists on various social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc is a great way for growing your business across the world. Moreover, there is no need for visiting these sites to post your playlist as YouTube allows you to do this task directly from your playlist page thus saving your time.

Steps for sharing YouTube to mp3 playlist:

**Step 1:-**The first and foremost thing is to visit the website of YouTube and sign in to your YouTube account.

**Step 2:-**The next step is to tap the button lying at the top right corner of page and displaying your username. On clicking it, a horizontal list of thumbnail images representing your playlists will be appeared on the upper part of the page.

**Step 3:-**After this, click on “Share” button that lies below the playlists. When you will click this button, a panel will open containing a URL and many social media buttons pointing out Google+, Twitter and Facebook. If you want to see mo…